. Discovery
. Welcome to Sprunt
. Exit Stage Left
. Wormhole
. Alpha Centauri
. Cygnus x-23
. Sirens
. 1337
. Dr. FTW

Fractal Cowboys Album - Singularity

Returning from a secret mission occurring in Earth’s distant future, Quasar and Dylalien smuggle back an object du art – the first full length Fractal Cowboys album! Follow the adventures of Sprunt, in 2275, the biggest band in the universe, as they pay tribute to the time of Earth’s Singularity back in 2109. The story begins with our hero, Captain Godar, coming home to watch TV, only to realize that he is missing his band’s show. A quick trip to the space elevator…..and Captain Godar arrives at the space colloseum! Then backstage after the show the band learns that Charlie (the band’s muse, go to guy, and “creative” supplier) is missing. They set off to find Charlie, and hilarity, wormholes, erotic zombies from the abyss and grinding dance floor grooves ensue! Get in on the action, and get down on the grooves! (From the Honest Book of Truth, 42nd edition)

1. Discovery
2. Welcome to Sprunt
3. Exit Stage Left
4. Wormhole
5. Alpha Centauri
6. Cygnus x-23
7. Sirens
8. 1337
9. Dr. FTW


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